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to perform a seel, it is the act of barking like a seal between carages of a train
"Yeah lad, i'll give you 100 soles to drop some seels now"

"Did you just seel that train"

"Eshays bro, you seeled the deal"
by bortwithlegs April 04, 2007
To chaph, is the act of press your chest upon the glass windows of the train carridges.
"Eeewww, lad, did you just chaph that train, because i can see your nipples"

"Chaph, Chaph, Chaph, Oh my sweet susie, he just chaphed it up"
by bortwithlegs April 04, 2007
Kerst is that act of writing your name on a woman during sexual intercourse and drawing an arrow to where your penis is inserted

Kerst is also a term expressed once you have reached a climax of heterosexual intercourse in the mouth (blowjob)
"So I here you kerst that bitch last night"

"Hey, Ho! How much for a kerst?"

"Keeeerrrrrrssssttttt.... bitch"

"Um... Excuse me Officer, that man over there kerst me last night"

"So your saying he screamed out kerst?"

"No nigga, he wrote his name all over my back...therefore he kerst me"

"Bitch please, I've kerst you before, see...right there!"
by bortwithlegs March 21, 2007
Bort is the act of placing the beer can ontop of the womans lower back while having sexual intercourse with your female partner for stimulation purposes. (does not work with homosexuals)

Australian men have mastered this technique and have been practicing it for hundreds of years
"I heard you pulled a bort on her last night"

"I wish I knew how to bort!"

"Yes young padawan, it is true I have mastered the technique of bort, I have released its true potential...last night with your mother"
by bortwithlegs March 21, 2007

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