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the science that deals with the matter, energy, motion, and force of penises during sexual intercourse
Jim: "My friend told me he did sixty-nine with his girlfriend on the bottom. I told him it would benefit him if she were on the top, therefore she could have a full range of motion to suck his cock.

Joe: "I agree. That's pretty basic dick physics."
by borntobustass September 23, 2010
the opposite of an erection; the shrinking of a penis due to experiencing something awful or disgusting
Jim: "Did you see '2 Girls 1 Cup'?"

Joe: "Regrettably, yes. I had a pedogit all day."
by borntobustass September 25, 2010
adjective used to describe something or someone with class; classy
Jim: Dude, did you see Bruce in that top hat?

James: Yeah, man. He was lookin' real bach.
by borntobustass November 07, 2010

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