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1 definition by bornofapollo

Christian hard core music. Christian death metal, Christian metalcore. Generally Christ core bands have a Christian-centered message in their lyrics. They sound the same as other metal bands, except their lyrics convey a Christian (sometimes not positive) message. They sing about the rapture, redemption, failure, and life struggles. In their lyrics they also capitalize "you" and "your" to signify they are referring to Christ, Jesus, or God.
Popular Christ Core bands: As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Haste the Day, Impending Doom, Underoath.

Example of Lyrics:
by August Burns Red
I trust in You for life to live, air to breath, purity fills my lungs. I no longer live in solitude, no longer bound. My heart beats with great devotion, this is a start to a new beginning. On my knees praying for mercy, hand raised high, humble and broken. Wanting Your grace, wanting Your security. Memories of lying face down motionless, with such a hollow feeling inside, soon I will end this life I was living. I am just a man, with a heart and sinful hands, I am a fallen victim. Lord show me the way as I give myself to You, never let me go, hold me with Your everlasting love, be my strength, be my voice, my glory. Set me free.
by bornofapollo May 11, 2009
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