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inspired by a "not my cup of tea," tea-scary (also known as terry) is a word used to describe a lesser feeling of "scared" away from something. It is a neutral reaction to something that you realize is not really for you and you rather not do it. Though that thing is not discussing to you and if you saw or done it again nothing major would happen. You would simply continue on. Mostly focuses on movies and actions of people. A TV show can tea-scary you away from it over the course of a season.
"I feel so tea-scary about this movie."
"You make me extremely tea-scary about what you are doing."
"Stop saying it, you are too tea-scary for me."
"I'm not going to watch this anymore, its tea-scary enough for me to stay away form it.
by boris|red August 03, 2007
A nice insult in Russian language for a stupid person. Usually used when referring to a family member or a close friend. While you are calling that person stupid, you still retain the fact of not insulting that person. Can also refer to a person who is been very slow. This is an insult that deliveries the insult, but the person who you are calling teapot can not really get mad at you because teapot is a "nice" sort of insult. However, you are still calling that person stupid or slow, just in a nice way.
Leave that light on, stop been such a teapot.
Oh my god, he is such a teapot.
2+2 is 4 not 5, you are a very teapot person.
by boris|red August 12, 2007

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