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An act where a man or woman takes a massive shit that stretches their butthole, then gets ass fucked directly after leaving you sore and unable to walk.
Person 1: Why are you walking so funny today?
Person 2: I had a Rectal Riot last night.
by bordman24 September 12, 2010
After banging a chick hard you pull out and cum in her eyes, blinding her while yelling "Boom Bitch"
Dude last night I gave Becky the ultimate super sonic power squirt!
by bordman24 September 11, 2010
The act of having anal sex in order to pop painful burning hemroids.
Person 1: Honey I have some really painful hemroids...
Person 2: Well then I will be your Hemroid Hunter today baby!!!
by bordman24 September 12, 2010
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