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also means "über man hotness/wits/charm/and vocal talent"
Holy shit, this front man totally pulled off a thom yorke.
by booya April 08, 2003
An abbreviation for "hot beef injection".
Fuck Shirley's been grumpy lately, she needs an HBI.
by booya February 01, 2003
sanitary towels
hey, you pervert, stop sniffing my jam rags
by Booya February 13, 2003
the first hit of weed
"You wanna hit the greenz?"
by booya August 05, 2003
adjective used to describe a spooner that is doing homework or being lazy instead of going out
Samir and Matty are grundled up for the night.
by booya December 20, 2004
when you're really really over excited because you got laid several times the previous night bye more than one hot partner (not at the same time)
dude 1: so how are you?
dude 2: im fuckin wundi!!
dude 1: stellar, was it kelly an roni?
dude 2: nah it was your mom and your sister!
by booya May 11, 2003
A synonym for fucktard. Someone who just stinks at life.
Ninja: "ugh, look at Creeon, he's being a fucktard again"
Pimp: "heheh"

Creeon: w00t!!!!1!
by Booya May 05, 2005

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