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Confuzzled- so damn confused you became puzzled
Man what the hell are you sayin now I'm soo damn confuzzled!
by Booty Man July 11, 2003
This school has a mixed population of teachers that really try their best in teaching which ever subject they teach. Unfortunately their are asshole teachers who persuade students to drop out. I was asked to drop out of school my senior year. I had asshole students who had mental issues and emotional problems try to intemidate me and make me feel stupid.
At the end I'm having the last laugh. I graduated from Southern Methodist University. I own my own business and making some Big Bucks.
I guess that is pretty good for somebody who is a complete idiot and will never amount to anything.

I'm also glad I did not drop out of school. You must never let those assholes to defeat you. Allways persue your dreams even if it seems out of reach. If it was'nt for people with balls you wouldn't have Wallmart and other companys.
by booty man November 19, 2004

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