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An insult used on your girlfriend if she won't give ya none.
"Sophie turned her back to me in bed, so I poked her boob and said "titty titty""
by Booty April 29, 2004
1.A griff with slicked back hair and side burns.

2.A kid who talks just for the sake of hearing him/herself talk.

3.A person who talks about someone behind thier back the second they leave the room.
1. Hey, I got sideburns.

2. "Okay...either A. fill in the blank, B. fill in the blank, or C. fill in the blank!!"

3. "psst...psstt...lets whisper about that person before they get back..."
by Booty April 05, 2004
to look, check out, or attempt guys or gals for sexual pleasure
im tryna peeps some tonight
by booty January 29, 2004
an awsome video from flip skateboards
yo essay , did you see arto brake his neck in "sorry"!
by booty October 10, 2003
Phliging- related to phlap. In short to phlig someone, is to fingering some one.
Karl phigged Katie or Holly is a phligger.
by Booty March 23, 2005
the guys cant hold the girls down jus cuz we gurls
guys call gurls sluts when they do stuff wit guys but if they do sumtin wit a gurl they get called a PIMP that aint right
they cant hold us down
by booty October 07, 2003
Piratey word for fuck.
Oh scupper! I just lost that swordfight.
by Booty April 29, 2004

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