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A minor injury that occurs during the unlikely combination of circumstances in which one is naked or wearing loose pants, trousers, slacks, shorts, or undergarments on a particularly warm day.

In order for it to happen, one must start a forward pendulous swing while initiating a free fall onto a hard surface, as if to sit. If the timing is precise, the hanging scrotum and concomitant testicles will descend upon the surface at the very bottom of its swing, at maximum kinetic energy, causing an impact not dissimilar to a mentally disabled man attempting to swing on a vine that is just a fraction too long (a Tardzan).
It was really hot out, and I had just peeled my balls off my taint, and plopped down on the bench and pulled a major Nutsack Tardzan.
by Boopieman May 24, 2012
A bowel movement corresponding to a large, spicy meal.

While in the throes of labor, one has time to contemplate that Lazy Nicaraguan who owes one money.
I pinched a Lazy Nicaraguan this morning, and nearly ripped my fingernails off on the walls of the bathroom.
by Boopieman April 08, 2011
A genre of pornography that employs the POV (Point Of View) concept, and wearable camera technology. Since the shooting locations are not limited to sets, and can include the 10,000 feet of air between the plane and the ground, raging white rapids, huge waves, and motocross bikes and trails, the footage often satisfies multiple needs on the part of the viewer as well as the actors.
I broke my pelvis filming some Go Porn with my girlfriend while riding Comfortably Numb in Whistler.
by Boopieman January 03, 2015

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