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3 definitions by booo

Main lanuage for Filipinos (Flip).
kapatid - siblings
tanga - dumb, stupid
bakit - why
gulay - vegetables
by booo January 19, 2005
a person who is stupid but funny and weird who loves pie and hates mean people.a very strang person.often called digbattomis.
"That Shillinger is a total digbattomis!!!"
i lov
by Booo February 20, 2013
is wonderful,amazing,pretty and is stir crazy!she once tried to persuade teachers to introduce a firemans pole instead of stairs...honestly! she adores artichokes,sheep and Hello kitty.The amazing girl can fly don't you know? SHE(lucy)hates green in all shades.
I was born in Tooting!!!
artichokes rule
is it because i is green...
do i look fetching!!!!
the uninvisale christmas tree.....(the good times!)
by booo September 15, 2004