20 definitions by boonking

someone whos always smoking weed talking bout it , eating it rolling it, whatever it
hey hes a herbalistical guy
by boonking July 05, 2011
s t o n e r. its that simple 5t0n3r a popular numberplate i imagine
5t0n3r means stoner
by boonking July 05, 2011
means same as dank maybe slightly more dank if you use this word. whos got the dankington certain mcs in uncz use this word
dreps: i got the dankington
by boonking July 05, 2011
derived from the word geese that means pretty much anything now. used as a nick name or to describe a large spliff or as a exclamation on its own.
i just rolled a fat geeselby
by boonking July 05, 2011
if you know a girl called lucy and she has a worn out priate area
looselucy is so loose you dont even touch the sides
by boonking July 05, 2011
another word for dubstep, because roughly 80% or more of people that like dubstep also like ketamine. ketstep or ketaminestep is the worst genre of dnb even though it isnt dnb
i hate ketstep
by boonking July 05, 2011
jump up is a type of drum and bass
often referred to as clown step , people also say its the happy hardcore 0f drum and bass. i dont agree with either of the last two statements jumpup rules
by boonking July 05, 2011

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