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2 definitions by boondock_saint

a biscuit covered in jizz that is the result from a game that gay men play in which a biscuit is placed in the center and the men masterbate on to the biscuit and the last one must eat it.
Jody (the gay man) was the last to shoot his wad so he had to eat the jizzcuit
by boondock_saint March 04, 2005
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cowfolk is an imaginary word... most commonly used in scatagories by cajuns trying to win the game with their trickery and spells. be wary, you can normally notice someone who might use this word by their gator skin hats with teeth lining the brim and they probably wont be wearing shoes.
You know people who grow up around cows... cowfolks.
by boondock_saint January 24, 2010
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