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To guestimate is when you have no idea about something, but you don't want to sound like an idiot.
Its a careful combination of guessing what the topic is about and then estimating the correct answer.
Also another thing you could add to this is a statistic, as it makes your answer sound more valid and believable!
Paul: so what do you think of the whole el nino phenomenon?
You: in your head, what the FU*K? Thanks paul!
Now you guestimate

Step one guess... Ok so it sounds kinda mexican, doesn't nino mean grandchild? Ok so its something to do with mexicans, sounds like a dance...
Step two estimate an appropriate answer...every one likes dancing and mexicans make good food so I'm gonna like it.
Make up a statistic... 89% of americans think its a positive movement.
Helpful tip: you could always be wrong so answer briefly and not to in depth!
You: well I feel its a positive movement that's changing the world in a dramatic way, 89% of americans see it in a favorable light!
In your head- BOOM how u like me now paul!
#guessing #estimating #statistic #appropriate #positive
by boomyoulikethat June 02, 2011
A term used to describe random or obvious statements that could easily be ascertained or seen or are irrelevant to the conversation.
These statements are always made by attention seekers who simply want to say something.
Fred: I'm thinking of going to Canada for the holidays...
Paul: my aunt lives in canada she's really famous!
Fred: shotbull!
#term #random #obvious #statement #irrelavent
by boomyoulikethat June 02, 2011
When a person of an annoying nature strikes up a conversation with you and you are not keen, and no matter how hard you try you are stuck or locked in this conversation. The duration of this conversation must be more than an hour and you must not enjoy a second of it for it to be seen as convolocking.
Fred: doreen that office assistant was telling me about her grandkids and how they never visit for 2 hours at the office party and all I wanted to do was get drunk! FML!
Paul: dude you got convolocked
#person #annoying #conversation #stuck #locked
by boomyoulikethat June 02, 2011
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