31 definitions by boomer

drunk girls' shuffle
Chico State Chapter of AX
by boomer June 09, 2001
HOTS: Acronym for Hoe On Tha Sack, found in Psych 101 texts nationwide.
I think she's got the HOTS
by Boomer April 15, 2000
lets clarify some things 4 those who know nothing
1)mormons don't pracice polygthamy
2)church is true
3)we do not believe we will become gods
4)we are christians for we believe in christ
5)we pay tithing by choice we aren't forced
6) we don't have to pay are leaders
7)family decides on the number of kids nothing to do with the church
there is much more but i'll leave it at that for now
If people believe their church is so true then they shouldn't be so defensive with the mormons church
by boomer February 21, 2007

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