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"friend or partner" ... used by Juvenile from Cash Money Records
Holla at lil' wodie if you want that oscar mayer.
by Boomer June 22, 2000
Attitude of calmness, especially when exhibited while under stress.
Displaing her usual sang-froid, the nurse quickly and calmly attended to the many patients needing her attention.
by Boomer March 27, 2005
n. place that keeps it extra-real.
UrbanDictionary.com is the credquarters of linguistics on the internet.
by Boomer October 31, 2006
(M)enorahs (P)er (S)quare (I)nch
Scale used to define the degree of piety in a Jewish household.
by boomer September 25, 2001
syn.: hook
It's off the heezi in this peezi, fasheezi!
by Boomer January 14, 2000
synonym for cell phone...first used by B-Legit in the song "Captain Save a Hoe"
"...talkin' on my okeydoe"
by Boomer November 16, 2004
syn.: piece, meaning place.
It's off the heezi in the peezi, fasheezi!
by Boomer January 14, 2000
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