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From the RPG Shadowrun. Used also as " runner'.

Somebody who receives wages from:

- international corporations
- crime organisations
- independant people claiming revenge... or something else
- others


- Steal data / objects
- " Extract" ( see "extraction" later) somebody
- kill somebody
- sabotage corporate/ private installations

Somebody who performs a shadowrun .
this day and age, things change so fast that the centrifugal force of progress will shear your head right off. Shadowrunners like us need to keep up with the latest developments. When you run a B&E, you need to know what nasty new security feature might try to cut you in two as much as you need to know which nova new magic formula is worth snatching. It's the state of the art, chummer-it'll make you cred or get you dead."

State of the Art 2063
by Boomer March 25, 2005
p. noun: People, not necessarily related, to whom you are close.
"I didn't know you and T-Roy were folks."

"The Bwoys? They're my folks since back in the day."
by Boomer December 15, 1999
acronym; stands for Bored As F--k

He was B.A.F because he couldn't go play pool.

Man, I went out with that chick and was BAF the whole time.
by Boomer December 21, 1999
Not able to be faded. That which is sublime, above rational comparison.
It's unfadeable, the way I blaze this track...
by Boomer May 04, 2000
Enjoyed when its your own and often wasted by other people.
I'm trying to make the best use of your time possible.
by Boomer February 03, 2000
Laced wit' diamonds. (or) A drink that's been allowed to sit too long and has become diluted. Popularized by E-40.
Yo, tha playa is hella iced-out, 'cos he makes his bank at Borders. (or) Shoot, bring me a refill--this coke is all iced-out.
by Boomer January 14, 2000
1. The smell of microwave popcorn (especially in an enclosed space) when YOU'RE not the one eating it.

2. The uniform smell of a theater snack bar employee after a shift.
The waves of butterfunk are making me nauseous. The only antidote is to go pop my own bag.
by boomer January 20, 2009

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