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A strikingly handsome caucasian male,with an insane amount of sexual endurence,and hosts his own late night talk show with only the highest class porn stars.a man with a penis that grows on a reguler basis,shedding its skin like a snake,but instead o rubbing it against a hard surface to increase speed of shedding,he prefers smoothe moist areas to rub against.his most populer movies include "top gun","mission impossible", starring as tom cruis's stunt double, NOTE:you can easilly spot him by the large buldge in his pants,and minus the homosexual tendincys of tom cruise"and he doesnt drink beer,but WHEN HE DOES!he prefers doseches.stay thirsty my freinds.
girl:did you see the review of alexis texis on tristan austin's "TIgole' Bitties!"

girl 2:yes,just his bulde got me soacked
by BOOMdawg May 01, 2011
when someone feels dread because of dread-locks
guy#1:hey did you hear what happened to tom?

guy#2:yah.someone pranked him and now he has dreads

guy#1:every time he looks in the mirror,his dreads remind him of his dad,he had dreads to.

guy#2:he must be feeling allot of dread dread
by boomdawg March 17, 2010

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