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Sunshine speaks to the masses about a type of alcohol found in clear bottles--usually in six or twelve pack quantities. Sunshine is commonly found to be the greatest mexican beer on the face of the western hemisphere--Sol as most of us in the southwest know it to be. The nick-name should not be confused with a drug because it actively explains the taste of the beer as it tastes like the pacific in the summertime but also smells like the better parts of a mexican celebration and unifies the irony of it's name with a warmth and goodness and a clean limey finish all unto itself.
"Say mothafucka, you gots me a c-rone?" "Ah shit yo, i only gotz dis SUNSHINE" "That'd do, that'd do" "Sunshine, of all da motherfuckers, you da muthafuckest"
100% Fun
Modelo Negro Especial
by boombata November 27, 2006

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