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The subject which, if manifested in human form would; Have very large, seething boiles dotted over its face, lack social graces, be teased and mocked and have its lunch money stolen by the far superior English.
*Scene from the wealthy Webster Academy for Essential Knowledge*

English: 'Hey Math, who you got over there with ya?'
*Math looks over shouder and sees no-one*
Math: 'I have well ... *blushes* the square root of no-one over here'
*English is being caressed by the female subjects and he laughs inwardly*
English: 'You should ask the square root of no one to the social '
*Laughs again*
Maths: 'No, my surd symbol said I have to be subtracted from school and added to my room before 1900 hours, which in 12 hour time would equate to 7pm'
English: 'You despicable subject, you don't deserve a classroom!'
*English strolls off, content with his win. He laughs, and then says three synonyms of the word synonym just to impress the girls that are now hanging off his first and last consanants*
by boombaby0014 October 20, 2006

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