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stage nickname of super-star prodcer timbaland
timbaland can spank any other producer, except Dre, becuase even he can't step to the Westside
by boom boom b August 22, 2004
the shittiest of all vodkas. nay, shittiest of all liquors in existence.
taaka sucks. what? it does...
by boom boom b July 09, 2004
see the example below
"are you the MC tonight?"
"yup... M...C deez nuts!"
by boom boom b August 09, 2004
area code for the north east bay. it runs down south to hayward and shit, but we don't fuck with that. it's all about the North East Bay.
clip in the strap, dippin' through hoods.
(what hoods??) Piedmont, Telegraph, WILDWOOD!!
by boom boom b August 22, 2004
to have sex with; never to be used when referring to someone who has died.
"yeah it sucks that his girlfriend died, but at least he got to plow her"

"oh my god. you are the worst person ever!"

"oh... plow. corpse. In the ground. I'm a terrible person."
by boom boom b July 26, 2004
this guy was tooled so hard by Dre, beacuse Dre rules. Basically, just open your eyes. Dre drops The Chronic (multiplatinum) and Eazy E does.. nothing. Eazy E dies, and four years later Dre drops 2001, the best rap album ever. Eazy was Dre's bitch and would have done better to stick with him. instead he sucks.
Dr. Dre is better than Eazy E.
by boom boom b July 16, 2004
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