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a large, curved clip of ammunition for high powered automatic weapons.
This is my hustle, nigga don't knock me.
You need to shit with a banana clip to try and stop me.
50 Cent
by boom boom b July 24, 2004
jamaica queens is the hardest ghetto in New York City. Also, birthplace of Curtis Jackson
I dont fight fair, I'm dirty-dirty
I'm from Southside Jamaica, Queens, nigga ya'heard me?
50 Cent
by boom boom b July 04, 2004
a.) the best Beastie Boys album ever.
b.) a licence to be The Shit. the Beastie Boys had such a licence while making said CD, thus it's awesomeness.

plus the album has 13 songs, so that just makes it that much more awesome.
1.) Rhymin' & Stealin'
2.) The New Style
3.) She's Crafty
4.) Posse in Effect
5.) Slow Ride
6.) Girls
7.) Fight for Your Right
8.) No Sleep Till Brooklyn
9.) Paul Revere
10.) Hold it Now, Hit it
11.) Brass Monkey
12.) Slow and Low
13.) Time to Get Ill
by boom boom b August 26, 2004
slang for bullet, but this is actually incorrectly used. a shell is actually a high calibur bullet, usually from a shotgun.
"I been hit with a few shells, but I don't walk with a limp"
by boom boom b July 16, 2004
highly talented producer. in conjunction with The Beastie Boys, produced their very best album Liscence To Ill. Also produced the best song from The Black Album, 99 Problems, probably the most masterfully produced rap song ever.
"You crazy for this one, Rick!
It's ya boy!"
by boom boom b July 26, 2004
high on marijuana... same as stoned, or blazed, or chronic'ed out, high, faded, etc.
"I'm, high till' I die, loped till' they smoke me!"

"Aint' nothing but a G thang baby, two loped out niggas goin' crazy."
Snoop Dogg
by boom boom b July 08, 2004
1.) lots of depth, complex.
2.) profound
3.) to describe number of people
1.) this Dre beat is deep man.
2.) This book I'm reading for Ethics is deep.
3.) Well, we rolled 20 deep to the party.
by boom boom b July 19, 2004
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