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Was once a hot rap act, but now sucks.
My gawd, Outkast done fell off. 50 fell off after he blew up. Busta fell off after Dangerous. Suge Knight's label fell off after he had Pac killed! (followed by a loud gunshot).
by Boom May 26, 2003
Very Tired
After shagging that bird, I was extremely knackerd
by Boom January 13, 2003
a god like being who can part water and who is able to hop on one foot
dsfsdfds sdfas
bruce almighty wefew
by Boom January 03, 2005
Getting success. Getting money. Getting big. Getting famous. Getting a successful album or popular club single for a rapper.
"It's blowin' up!" "Man that new Bonecrusher single is blowin' up!"
by Boom May 26, 2003
When a niggas face is covered in jizm, so it looks like an iced bun.

And the burnt bit is the black part.
"Hey look at that iced bun"
by Boom March 10, 2005
the same thing typed above
the same as the above defnition
by Boom January 03, 2005
to like toes in an unhealthy manner.
Mr.Feely BlackICEs way too much in our english class.
by BooM September 07, 2003

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