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When you get a boner from something that is unique, or different.
-Man, did you hear that girl Ross likes doesn't have a TV?
-Dude, He's got a such a different boner for her

Ross: did you guys hear about my girlfriend, she's waaaaay more different than normal girls. (cums in pants)
#boner #erection #different #unique #hipster
by boola boola October 10, 2011
To pull a Brooks Conrad is to Fuck up immensely.

This comes from Brooks Conrad's complete inability to do anything useful when fielding a baseball. (see 2010 NLDS)

also acceptable are:

"Pulling a Brooks" or "Pulling a Conrad"
Doctor: Sorry I dropped your baby Ma'am

Woman: Wow you really pulled a Brooks Conrad there

Doctor: We'll now he'll be as terrible a human being as Brooks himself!
#baseball #terrible #braves #giants #fuckup #abortion
by Boola Boola October 10, 2010
an event that is completely unorganized, as if put together by a sorority.
God, there are people everywhere and I've been waiting in line for twenty minutes. This event is so sororganized...Fuck Zeta
#sorority #sorostitute #skanks #disorganized #messy
by boola boola November 08, 2009
A fireman's blow job is when you receive some mouth lovin' while your shoes, pants, and underwear are still around your ankles, so that when the blowing has come to an end, you can pull them up and get on with your bidness.
I just got an awesome Fireman's Blow Job from my lady friend.

We only have 5 minutes, how about a fireman's BJ?
#blow job #bj #mouth hug #mouth love #oral sex #fireman #fireman's bj
by Boola Boola January 24, 2011
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