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This is the mirror image of the term infloox. It refers to the list of the most prominent readers of a specific book or author, or to the list of books inspired by a specific book.
Tolkien's works influenced authors such as C.S. Lewis and Guy Gavriel kay; thus they comprise part of his outfloox.
by bookins August 22, 2009
This term refers to the books and authors that are a favourite for a specific famous person or influential in this person's life. Books that were simply read or studied by that person are often (and whenever data permits) also mentioned. Within this context, the term infloox™ also refers to the list of all such books and authors; this list is presented in decreasing order of influence weight — or of intensity of the liking of a book or author.

The meaning extends to collective influences — that is, to influences over groups of persons, types of activities, countries, or ranges of years. In this case, infloox refers to the books and authors that were favourites or influential for the group as a whole.
Oprah's infloox is quite lengthy and varied, ranging from Steinbeck to Toni Morrison.
by bookins July 30, 2009

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