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11 definitions by booken

Absolutly Moronic godmoding lamer.
<Manus Dei> Fool! I am immortal by the power of the Manus Dei ring!
<Booken> There no such things as a Manus Dei ring, and immortals can die.
<Manus Dei> That it! I'm ignoring you! *Activate Aphaty field*
by Booken July 14, 2003
My cuddleboy. All mine! Mine! ^^
*Booken cuddles PKT_Paladin lotsa times
by Booken July 14, 2003
1. Banned, in IRC slang
2. Erection in french Canadian Slang
*Kor was kicked out by Vorpy (BAND!)
*Vorpy was kicked out by Booken (*Dooiiing*)
*Booken was kicked out by Kor (Eww)
by Booken July 17, 2003
The perfect anime fangirl on IRC
*Ayana glomps Figaro ^o^
by Booken July 14, 2003