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A person who loves fantasy. They love dragons, fairies, and mythology. They also enjoy magical things. Anything that is considered impossible according to most people is their obsession. They relish in a good story with legend, folktale, mythology, and magic. Sometimes they'll even research it to be considered a magical expert. A true fantasy freak is hard to find because not many people are that obsessed with the impossible. Fantasy freaks do not believe in earthly limitations.
Sometimes they are so obsessed they may dress like the things they read about. They are also dark humored and day dream a lot. Fantasy novelists can be considered a fantasy freak. Are confused for goth, nerd, or geek because they are reading books a lot (mostly fantasy stuff), they, may play many fantasy games (like role-plays), and they may dress according to the trends of the things they obsess over (aka vampires, werewolves, dragons, warriors, magicians, witches, ect.)
I am a fantasy freak. XD I research fantasy, legends, and mythology as much as I can.
by bookcrazy1 October 16, 2010

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