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Ayumi hamasaki is Japan's darling queen pop star. She was first modeling and acting, but now she is singing. her songs are all written by her and she gives her effort 100%! She can be found in EVERY single commercial and in every magazine. She is a overworker and had contributed many to j-pop fans. Her debut was her cd "A song for xx." even today, her songs sell like hotcakes. Not only her songs, but even her trendy style! She likes to be very coordinatd when dressing-even down to her nail cuticle. Rumors has said that she has overworked so much that she had eye infections. 6 albums-10 remix albums-41 singles-and somuch more- AYUMI NEVER GIVES UP IN ENTERTAINMENT!
Ayumi is j-pop's number one queen in techno and trance!
by boogah boogah! November 09, 2003

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