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4 definitions by booface

(n): The state of nausea experienced the morning after prom. The feeling is not induced by excessive alcohol, but symptoms are similar to those of an alcoholic hangover. They include headaches, sore throats, an exhausted limp feeling, aversion to loud noises (or in some cases, inability to hear sounds below 90 decibels), and aversion to bright light.

For the morally conscious, prom hangover also includes regret of ethically sketchy acts committed during and after prom night. For everyone else, prom hangover comes with a member of either sex in their bed.
Ugh, I didn't drink a thing last night but my head hurts and I feel horrible. And why did I flash the limo driver? I think I'm having a prom hangover.
by booface May 17, 2008
When someone confused about their feelings for someone else ends up flirting on-and-off sporadically.
Jenny was just flickle and couldn't figure out if she liked Norman or not. She'd flirt with him one day and ignore him the next.
by booface July 24, 2008
When one becomes defensive and/or upset when accused of flirting with someone.
Rick didn't want anyone to know he had a crush on Amy, so when we asked him if he'd been flirting with her, he got conflirtational.
by booface July 24, 2008
The infallible state in which one finds oneself while romancing others online.
Man, I get so caught up in talking to chicks online, it's like I'm in some flirtual reality or something.
by booface July 24, 2008