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A collective noun for a group of emo's. Just like there is a herd of sheep, school of fish or a mob of kangaroos, there is a toss of emos.
Check out the toss over there in their skinny jeans.
#emo #loser #emotional #simple plan #skinny jeans
by boofa May 04, 2007
Mullet wearing shop assistants, generaly ezy plus stores.
That mullet wearing shop assistant is a rockape
#mullet #rock ape #tosser #neaderthal #loser
by Boofa May 04, 2006
A type of pillow biter. A man who enjoys having anal sex with other men. A Farley also has a habit of poking guys with his erection while they are asleep.
That guy was busted fucking some other guy on the bonnet of his car. What a farley!
#poofter #fag #queer #vegemite stirrer #fudge packer
by Boofa May 01, 2006
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