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The little brownish chunks that are stuck all over your dick after you fuck a nasty skank with a dirty twat.
"I sat there and picked fuck boogers off my dick for an hour when I got home from Bree's house last night."
by boobybobbler January 14, 2010
The act of setting in motion a woman's breast or breasts in such a way that they will thereafter move on their own for the longest amount of time possible. This can be done without hands via genital to genital intercourse, anal intercourse, or irrumatio (facefucking), as well as by many other means. However, the best results, i.e. the longest handsfree bobbling achievable, can usually be achieved with the use of one or both hands and by giving the breast or breasts a healthy shove or slap in a direction perpendicular or diagonal to the force of gravity. When bobbling both boobies, it is most desirable to bobble them each in different directions or at different frequencies, to avoid the slightly less pleasing visual effect of boobies bobbling in a synchronized manner.
"My tits are sore from all the boobybobbling you've been giving me." - Boobybobble Baby
by boobybobbler January 14, 2010
When you resort to fucking a girl who doesn't keep herself very clean "down there", so that when you look down while going at it you see lots of brown chunks all over your dick.
"Last night I booger fucked this nasty skank till i puked."
by boobybobbler January 14, 2010
A highly prevalent subspecies of the cosmetician family, which is characterized by it's robust physical stature, known colloquially as the fat hairdressers. Often seen wearing mostly black.
This morning I witnessed the migration of a group of immature cosmopotamuses as they navigated their way down the alley to the hair dresser school.
by boobybobbler January 14, 2010
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