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21 definitions by bonzai

short for "ahead of schedule"
"we made a pit stop to grab some munchies and gas, and STILL we made it there AOS!"
by Bonzai April 03, 2007
53 15
to talk extensively about something in an overly proud or boastful manner;

also, to ramble on endlessly, usually about trivial on nonsensical stuff
"dude kept jawing about how he scored all kinds of babes "back in the day" !"

"I swear sometimes when I'm on the phone with her, she'll keep jawing until it feels like my ear will fall off!"
by bonzai April 17, 2005
91 53
inclined towards techno music, especially a desire to listen and/or dance to it
she may be a hottie, but she's way too boptronic for my blood!
by bonzai June 20, 2004
41 3
"what's the fizz, G?"


by bonzai November 04, 2004
47 12
another term for a mullet
virgil still kept his coat rack even years after he left tennessee.
by bonzai April 27, 2004
38 5
The phenomenon of having something stuck to the upper part of the mouth, usually while eating peanut butter.
The peanut butter caused roofitation in my mouth and it was extremely annoying
by Bonzai December 08, 2003
5 5
to vomit, throw up etc.
"you two are gonna make me wanna skive if you keep this up...you're practically having sex right here in the theater! I mean....get a room already!!"
by Bonzai October 27, 2006
61 136