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the area code of where da real niggas be. the hardest place aside from 305.if you live in florida you best not fuck with them 407 boys.orlando,k-town,crime hills etc.
"407 til we go to heaven"
" yo i heard john was fuckin with them boys from orlando."
"yeah the whole 407 crew came an peeled his cap"
by bongtokincrip October 06, 2006
a person who claims to be a juggal but in fact is just a punk bitch alot of people mistake these jugga-ho's for juggalo's as there isn't any specific way to tell them apart by aperance. in other words a poser or pussy.
" fuck you jugga-ho you ain't down wit da clown like a juggalo."
by bongtokincrip October 24, 2006
the most grimmy place in k-town fl.mad drug dealin fights,pimpin all dat shit up in O.T. but to tourists it is another vaction area wich makes it such a money making spot.
"yo nigga da k-town crips got's old town on lock"
" hey that's the nigga i shanked up in old town"
by bongtokincrip October 06, 2006
to get your way by being a complete asshole.
or to show complete disregaurd for others feelings. to some it up being a coplete doushe bag
'yo i'm goina doushe it up on dis nigga."
"that fuckin cop was doushin it up on dem weed charges."
by bongtokincrip October 23, 2006
the state located at the south east end of america. known for drug dealing,disney,miami,oralando. south side bloods and crips reside there the crips currently own most teritory.
florida is da crunkest state aside form NY.
by bongtokincrip October 10, 2006
a fool that bangs to the five. not realizing that 6 is was up. usually wear red and black claim differnt sets like all gangs.identified by burns in the shape of a dogs paw.usuaslly carry razor blades on them like jit's.
"hey i'm a blood blaatttt"
"word...Claatttt!(bang bang) not no mo"
by bongtokincrip November 08, 2006

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