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Used when you're leaving an occasion in a fuckin' hurry!
"I gotta swoop, bro'--I forgot to pick up Kathy from the store!"
by bongoman December 12, 2007
verb; the act of playing drums or drumming, either drum set or hand drums such as bongos or congas particularly loudly as in a drumline; originally used in jazz circles in the 1930s, but revived when street drummers began playing plastic five-gallon pails and trash cans for tips.
"Damn, man! Brio's really thumpin' the tubs tonight!"
by bongoman October 22, 2007
noun; a slang term for a drummer; derived from the urban practice of playing makeshift drum kits made out of plastic buckets, trash can lids, and other recycled junk
"How ya doin', bucket-banger?"
by bongoman December 05, 2007
playing congas, bongos, djembe, or other hand drums; to play them loud enough to hear them over the other band members, a hand drummer often slaps the drum heads, particularly near the edge of the drums.
"What're you doin' tonight, bro'?"

"Got a gig slappin' the skins at the Latin Music Festival."
by bongoman January 09, 2008
rhyming way of sayin' later, particularly to a bro' or a best bud.
Mike always rushed from one place to another so quickly, the only way I knew he was out of the place was when he yelled "Later, frater!" to me just before the door slammed shut.
by bongoman December 12, 2007
the act of developing an erection or hard-on for the purpose of intercourse or fucking
I took one look at her and I was ready to get it up and get it on right there, right now...
by bongoman December 05, 2007
noun; a person who plays hand drums such as bongos, congas, or djembes; so-called because some hand drumming requires literally slamming the hand against the drums to make loud sounds.
Kathy loved watching Brio play the congas during the concert; he was a real hand-slammer.
by bongoman October 22, 2007
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