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3 definitions by bongo bongo

Homo non-erectus: predominantly male species that is slowly dieing out due to lack of capability to attract the opposite sex because of social incompatibility.
Male 1: All the Ridlers are dieing out!
Male 2: Who gives a fuck, good ridance!
by bongo bongo June 12, 2008
5 2
1.The missing link between men and sloths.
2.Insult term for a man with erectile dysfunction.
3.A person who should not reproduce for the sake of humanity.
Male: Will you go out with me?
Woman: No, your such a homo non-erectus!
by bongo bongo June 12, 2008
5 3
An annoying word which is incapable of been used in context because it has no context and doesn't really mean anything.
Usually elongated to last several seconds.
Man 1:Crowth!
Man 2:Shut up
by bongo bongo June 12, 2008
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