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When a man cant stop jizzing, he turnes out the lights, grabbs a flash lighte, sets it to strobe, and video tapes his verstion of niagrafalls.
shit im having an illuminater!
ill get the flashlight!!!
by bonermaloner November 17, 2011
When a gay guy has another gay guy stick his penis up his ass, when it comes out, he sucks the shit off it like a lolli pop.
OMG that Queer R Candy Bar did not taste like strawberry.
by bonermaloner November 09, 2011
a black guy dressed as a white guy
shut the fuck up. your moms a reverse orio.
by bonermaloner November 17, 2011
a white guy dressed as a black guy.
shut the fuck up. we all kno ur an orio
by bonermaloner November 17, 2011

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