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a sport..ha, any activity that involves putting makeup on before hand could no way be considered a sport. cheerleading is completely based upon looks. You basically have to flirt to your fans/judges to be considered a good team. There can't be two sports playing on the same court, at the same time right? Even competitive cheerleading is a joke. Whoever gets the judges the most sexually aroused wins ƒº congratulations girls. Cheerleaders are primarily used to keep people watching happy by shaking their little butts. Note: strippers do the same thing, but their at least smart enough to get paid for it. Even my girlfriend cheers for college, and she said that you have to send a picture to the coach to try out. I have nothing against cheerleaders, that¡¦s why i love watching football. whom ever thought of the whole arrangement should get some kind of reward. I watch a competitive sport, while little gitty girls prance around in their little skirts while i drink my nice cold brewsky. THE AMERICAN DREAM. You girls say how hard cheering is...its like how Models complain how hard their life is, the lack of eating, exercise, and hard positioning. From the beginning, girls join cheering to impress guys. It¡¦s a chance for girls to degrade themselves to people like me. You people say cheerleaders LEAD the fans? You know that mascots do that too right, so good job girls you degraded yourselves down to a little man in a fluffy animal outfit.
cheerleading is when little gitty girls frolicking around
by bonerjams January 21, 2007

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