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Constantly moving around a grill or fire while cooking outside because you're trying to stay away from the smoke.
Jane: I've been watching you out the window, grilling those burgers and moving around like you're caught in some weird tornado for the past five minutes.... what's with the BBQ square dance?
John: The wind keeps changing directions, and that smoke is killing me!
by bonedawg109 June 30, 2011
Description of a nerd (usually male) who is attractive to the opposite sex for his highly intellectual professional successes.
guy 1: I know that she's a physics professor, but she's really cute! Why is she dating THAT guy??
guy B: Dude, he made a bunch of royalties off of that new calculus book that he helped write.
guy 1: Oh. Yeah, I guess he is pretty mathculine.
by bonedawg109 April 11, 2011

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