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Some girl who is the biggest bitch and goes on your facebook a year after you stop dating and tells some guy that his girlfriend is cheating on him with you... which is a lie... so yea cunt slag. oh and she does all this because she wants to get back at you for something that you don't even know you did....wft? hold on i got it it must have been me talking to other girls not being flirtatious just talking and she get angry at me but i digress.so cunt slag some girl who goes on your facebook and tell some guy that his girl is cheating on him with you. or it could be just something to say when your angry that's why i said it
Friend 1: dude what happened to your facebook?
Friend 2: I don't know must of been a cunt slag.
by bondjamesbond13579 May 28, 2010
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