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Usually a business prospect that you are thinking about doing business with then after some insightful thinking you disqualify them before even discussing business matters with them.

Could also be a potential boyfriend or girlfriend whom you like then before you even approach him/her you find out something awful about him/her that you cannot stand, you automatically disqualify them from being your boyfriend or girlfriend before you even talk to him/her.
John: " Look at that girl, isn't she hot?! I'd make her my wife."

James: " Yeah she is hot. You don't know Mary? She used to be a man then dated a rich guy who paid for her sex change."

John: What? For real? She is pre-disqualified then!
by bonchk August 01, 2010
Means believe. When you hear the word in conversation in sounds like that.
Mary: So I am going to France next year!

Charles: Shut up! I dont beely you!! Are you for real?
by bonchk October 21, 2010
Eyeglasses that are so ugly that wearing them results in the repulsion of the opposite sex. Chances of getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend hence getting laid, will decrease just by wearing the glasses.
Mary: Hey when did you get those virgin glasses?

Jane: Wow, Mary are they that ugly?
by bonchk July 05, 2010

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