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a bag used to hold piss/urine, which is connected to the vangine/penis part where the wee comes out. Can be disposable or not, and is often used in hospitals.
"Hey can i get a catheter bag in here?" "oi cassie get in here!!!!"


"hey did u see cassies face the other day?" "yeh it looked kinda like a catheter bag...ewww"
by bonbon08 August 10, 2009
A man who has mutiple relations with woman very often, and will often brag about his sexual acts to his mates or others
"i had sex with stacey last night" "wow man your such a man whore"
"Shehan is such a man whore!!"
by bonbon08 August 06, 2009
a guy/man who has gone out or liked more than 15 girls
for example "hey how many chicks have you gone out with?"

"umm about 30.."

"...your such a man whore"


"you know that guy sheboob? yeh hes such a man whore"
by bonbon08 August 06, 2009

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