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An awesome video game.
The person that made Super Mario World is a genious
by bon April 05, 2005
Arrogant, uneducated, narcissist.

Arrogance: Thinks Canada is lucky to exist on the same continent as the United States.

Unintelligence: Thinks Canada participated in the Vietnam war, too stubborn to believe a reporter from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation telling her she's wrong.

Narcissism: Go to her website. You'll see a special page devoted to pictures of herself, and a "My Life" page.

People that support her only use "she's beautiful" as back-up. Wake up, people, she's a complete dumbass.
Ann Coulter is a shill, self-obsessive, dumbass bitch.
by bon April 05, 2005
noise black people make when they are excited
yo dawg i dun stole this . SKRRRRT!
by bon August 15, 2003
a music group that paul "shine" likes very much
well you can play my game
by bon August 18, 2003
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