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A girl so hot she can stop traffic. A girl who thousands agree is a perfect 10 or at least close to it. A girl who stands out in a crowd full of women and is the only girl ALL men are flocking to and complimenting simultaneously.

Everyone is jealous of her and her face or body is the man standout of her hotness.

She treats her man great and knows how to fuck.

She not only has the looks but fucking ability as well.

Must have nice hair, long- hot legs, nice tits and a beautiful face.

A perfect 10 will usually not have to work very hard for money and guys will be giving her big bucks at an early age.

She may have young or old men giving her 100,000's before age 22.

Also may get into show business cause of her looks.
You know a perfect 10 when you see one- every guys eyes are on them when in a public arena.
by bomb3900 May 09, 2010

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