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is the plural tense of clig, which means dirty pubes.

it is a VERB.

calling someone this is very dirty and is someone destructive
kayla and ellisa ran up to sabrina and said "girll you smell like cleag"
by boliopofo July 05, 2009
a hoe that gets laid 24/7 by any person

The 4 girls ellisa, ellie, sabrina, and kayla laughed at the 'easy stack' that was giving someone head in the family bathrooom.
by boliopofo July 06, 2009
plural tense of cleag, or clig.

refering to someone as a cleager is calling someone a smelly pube.
"you dirtyy cleager give me my money"
by boliopofo July 04, 2009
pubes, dirty smelly, stanky.
referring to someone as a dirty smelly pube.
or saying that someone has dirty pubes.

-- a noun
your clig was sick
by boliopofo July 04, 2009

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