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When you can't get an erection from using crystal meth. Even when you are really horny, you can't get your dick hard.
GF- "honey what's taking so long get hard already."
BF - "I can't. You know I always get a crystal dick whenever we smoke meth."
by boiwithsmall September 21, 2013
When a guy gets hit in the testicles usually from girls.
That pervert tried to touch that girl and got what he deserved. He got ballbusted by her.
by boiwithsmall September 21, 2013
1. Smaller size condoms for smaller size men.

2. Small condoms for men so it won't slip off the penis like a regular size one does.
1. He bought a snug fit condom. I realized why when he took off his pants in bed.

2. Girl - "what's wrong?"

Guy - "the condom slipped off"

Girl - "how did that happened?"

Guy - "You gave me a regular size condom. I usually wear a snug fit condom so it won't slip off"
by boiwithsmall September 21, 2013
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