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a racially ambiguous girl on youtube who almost always does nothing in front of the camera and yet has 40,000 subscriptions and about a million views. the youtubers are suspicious of her and many post videos imitating or badmouthing her. i personally think she is pretty creative for coming up with such a cooky little niche.--aka-- mririan
ugh...this magibon chick is such a freak!...this is gotta be some kinda scam....oh well ill just stop wachin.
by boisei April 07, 2008
usually said with enthusiasm @ ones indignation, disgust, or surprise...spanish slang for dick
ps could be quite offensive to older hispanic peoples
(guy walks into an extremley busy work situation)

ghetto mexican- la verga! theres chingos of work way!
by boisei April 11, 2008
"easily accessible, yet profoundly complex."-The Virginia Quarterly Review....brilliant writer.
for haruki murakami short story enthusiasts, the elephant vanishes and vintage murakami.
by boisei April 07, 2008
mexican slang for fool, or dog....coaution could be considered quite offensive to older mexicans; imagine calling your grandfather nigga.
mexican trying to be ironic-que pasta way!

older mexican-gives guy dirty look

younger mexican-este way!
by boisei April 11, 2008
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