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n. A sixth sense. The feeling a weed smoker gets about a person they meet that makes them feel that they most likely smoke too.
When she whipped out a doob I said "I KNEW you smoked weed! My stonar went of the second I met you."
by boilsucker January 28, 2010
v. Trying to cook from memory.

v. Deconstruction of a dish you've eaten by guessing what the ingredients and their amounts that make up a recipe.

Coined by reknowned wordsmith Craig Parr (Shelby Twp., MI).
I had the best tasting dish last night @ dinner. I am going to make it from a guessipe. I'm not quite sure was in it.
by boilsucker July 05, 2012
A way to say "Smoke meth!".
If u wanna wake up come on by and Bake and Shake.
by boilsucker August 15, 2014
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