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2 definitions by bodaciousredhead

Taking a handful of prescription medications (narcotics, anti-anxiety, antidepressants) and chasing them with liqueur.
I just took some hydros and ativan....but I want to wake up in the morning so I think I'll skip the shot of fireballs and doing a Marilyn (Monroe).
by bodaciousredhead November 30, 2012
When you get on Craigslist and post a picture of a nude body part (boob or dick) under the personals section of causal encounters M4W or W4W and then get sent naked pictures back.
1. Can't wait to post my boob shot on Flash Friday on Craigslist and hopefully will get lots of boob shots back.

2. Can't wait to go under W4W and check out the Flash Friday pics on craigslist and maybe they won't mind a dic pic back.

3. Did you check out the Flash Friday pics on Craigslist this weekend? Wish they would stop posting ugly bodies.
by bodaciousredhead December 05, 2012