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45 definitions by bobo

the ugliest girl in school
dam that girl has got to be ugis
by bobo December 07, 2004
Meep is what the anchovies in "Spongebob Squarepants" say in the episode where they go into "The krusty krab, home of the krabby Patty"
Squidward: Now Everyone! This is no way to act in a restaurent! Come on, form a single file line at the cash!
Anchovie: Meep!
by bobo July 08, 2004
when you butt fuck a girl and here asshole goes loose.
I was doin Susan from the back and I think I broke her spokes because it was like throwing a hot dog down the hallway.
by bobo October 18, 2003
a fatt ass bitch
man that ho is am ishey
by bobo November 09, 2003
Any thing that I preject it to preject at the time.
I preject that you want to preject!
by bobo October 16, 2003
ecstasy pills
Hey man do you have any eggs for tonight? Those green cKs from last weekend, they were the best eggs I've had in years!
by bobo November 12, 2003
The fat on someone's neck.
The ruffles on Kevin's neck slapped together as he walked.
by BOBO March 10, 2005