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The "angry" forumer. Only overshadowed by the childish Grudgeal. He is one hot slab of mansalad/pork.
Goddamn, another topic by Black-Syth.
by BOBO November 02, 2003
to take a shit and read a current issue of popular science at the same time.
man, that beef and bean burrito went right through my colon like a freight train. i feel like blunckin' it now.
by bobo December 14, 2004
Having the characteristic of being disconnected from the rest of the world mentally. ADDingness.
While his eyes were open and staring at the board, all he saw were flying marshmallows.
by Bobo September 03, 2003
sweaty ass bald bastard
Damn yo, did you see that rlanger runnin down route 47? Dem greenheads was a buzzin round his ass.
by Bobo May 23, 2003
the ugliest girl in school
dam that girl has got to be ugis
by bobo December 07, 2004
a gay ass website that uses fucked up designs and had no real good info ot it execpt shit that only has to do with the creator that nobody besides himself and his mother care about
www.generikal.com sucks major ass
by bobo October 08, 2003
To think Ed is a cool guy who is cooler than all of his geeky golf buiddies put together.
If you understoop, then you must be a fore eyed geek too!
by BoBo March 18, 2003

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