45 definitions by bobo

Receiving oral gratification.
That ho was honkin' down on bobo!
by Bobo January 27, 2004
a middle-aged adorning geriatric (senior citizen-related) habiliments, esp. a hand-woven sweater-jacket hybrid
Mr. Leonard walked into the classroom with his quite geriatrofabulous garment upon his form.
by bobo March 10, 2005
Is a girl. She likes to say olive juice alot. I don't know why. Its just her. She's is some crazy girl.
by Bobo April 08, 2003
when something is to good to be true.
that guy is doing more than i realize, man that is just bollerific.
by bobo December 14, 2004
A Booty with very strange and peculiar shape. Often belonging to an older woman with soul.
Man, that sisters got some wack bootyskizzle
by bobo November 16, 2003
a cock. When girls give you head, it looks like when they're taking a bong rip.
Last night Queen Pink was takin mad hits off my beef bong.
by bobo October 18, 2003
soon to be the best gaming site on the web
by bobo May 07, 2003

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